The process of technology planning involves assessing your existing resources, defining your needs, and exploring solutions. The process of determining how your company can best use technology to further your mission.

Before Reliable Managed Services begins the planning process, we assess our client’s existing technology and develop a successful planning process that will draw on management support, technology team and a range of employees to provide input.

The initial step of Reliable Managed Services method is to make a determination of a client's business objectives and define how to most effectively align them with our technology and processes.

Like most exceptional work, developing optimal technology is a combined effort between Reliable Managed Services and our client.

Reliable Managed Services works together with our clients to find the intersection of business objectives and technology.

We perform a comprehensive examination of a client's existing processes and technology and compare them against best technology practices.

The first outcome of the planning process is a written technology plan which outlines the phases of technology development.

Using our assessment, we identify where our client’s technology currently is and where it should be.

It is imperative to perform a comprehensive technology assessment. You can see how your company compares to the best technology practices.

It will give you valuable information regarding your company’s technology. It will help you budget for technology and make cost-effective purchases